T1-G-A - Black Aces and Goalie – Pro
T1-G-A - Black Aces and Goalie – Pro
Key Points:
Black Aces are those not playing in the game or coming back from injury. Pro and college teams carry extra players and usually the assistant coaches work with them at the end of practice or some clubs have skill practices that focus on fitness and individual offensive and defensive skills.
1. F1 go into the corner for a loose puck vs. coach, skate up the boards and pass low to F2, F1 get a pass in the slot and shoot. F1 screen for a point shot from D1.
2. F1 skate from the goal line to far blue line, around net to far blue, to near blue each way, to the low dots each way. Always turn towards the boards. F2 repeat.
3. 3. Coach work on short side low shots.
4. Goalie coach shoot from the high slot to all nine scoring spots.
5. Edge work around three circles. Inside and outside edges, Crosby heel to heel, big cross-overs.
6. Coach shoot from low in the corner. Goalie move from the middle to the post.
7. F1 skate wide and get a pass from F2 who is at the middle dot. F1 shoot then come back on the other side, exchange passes with F2 and take a shot.
8. F1 big figure 8 around circle to red line, circle around other circle, neutral zone 8, get pass from coach and shoot.
9. F2 start at blue line, exchange passes with coach at the far blue, turn and go in for a shot.
10. F3 start at blue and cut across middle while exchanging passes with the coach. Finish with a shot.

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Date Sunday, August 06 2017 @ 03:32 PM GMT
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Keywords edges, low attack, goalie technique, fitness, agility
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