T2 - Faceoff-5-1 Breakout-RG 3-2 - Sw F
T2 - Faceoff-5-1 Breakout-RG 3-2 - Sw F
1. D shoulder check on the way back to the puck. Everyone face the puck and forwards fill the three lanes. D must drive skate with the puck and read whether it is a pressure or contain forecheck.
2. Start with a neutral zone face-off 5 vs. 1 forward F4.
3. Coach throw the puck deep into the defensive zone.
4. F1-F2-F3-D1-D2 breakout vs. F3 who forechecks.
5. F1-F2-F3 skate up ice and regroup with D3 when they cross the blue line.
6. F1-F2-F3 attack 3-2 vs. D1-D2.
7. All race out of the zone on the whistle.
8. Next group come out of the box and repeat in the opposite direction.

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Tuesday, August 08 2017 @ 02:05 PM GMT
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Date Tuesday, August 08 2017 @ 02:05 PM GMT
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