T1 - Scoring Stations x 3 – Pro
T1 - Scoring Stations x 3 – Pro
Key Points:
Protect the puck with the body, quick moves and changes of direction. This requires good skating technique, agility, puck control and shooting skills.
Puck Protection 1-1, 2-1 in the middle zone.
a. Protect the puck vs. a defender and try to score 1-1.
b. Start with a 1-1 and then it becomes a 2-1.
Scoring from the low slot at one end.
a. Coach pass, fake forehand shot then slide across and shoot forehand.
b. Slide backwards around a pylon and take a backhand shot.
c. Coach pass then slide the puck under the stick one way then the other way and shoot quickly.
d. Coach pass then slide backwards and shoot on the forehand.
e. Coach pass, stickhandle and agility skate around and through three obstacles and shoot quickly.
Point shots at the other end.
a. Coach pass and D drag and shoot by skating forward then backwards and take a forehand shot.
b. Coach pass then D fake to the inside and skate back outside then shoot.

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