T1 - Skills for C Low and Slow Breakout – Pro
T1 - Skills for C Low and Slow Breakout – Pro
Key Points:
Centre or low forward has to swing low and slow to support the wing on the boards for a one touch redirect pass. This is effective against a team pressures the pass to the boards. A pass to the centre is the most effective because he is between the dots and has a lot of options with the puck. Players have to help each other by communicating on the ice.
1. Forwards at dots outside the blue line pick up wide rims from the coach on both sides, switch.
2. F1 and F2 leave. F1 pick up the rim and coach pressures down the wall.
3. F2 swing low and slow for the touch back from F1.
4. F1-F2 cross and drop in the neutral zone, turn back and attack 2-0.
5. Coach in front of the net spots a puck below the goal line three times for the defense.
6. D1 skate up to the blue line and back, shoulder check to read coach pressure from behind.
7. Puck one D1 fake-turn inside and pass to the coach in front then skate out to the blue line.
8. D1 shoulder check, fake, tight turn outside and pass to the coach on the wing.
9. D1 shoulder check and drive the back of the net then cut tight to the net up the middle and pass.
10. D2 repeat on the other side and D1 switch sides.
11. D1 go back for the puck in the corner under close pressure from the coach and D2 support.
12. D1 has the option of passing to the wing or behind while facing the glass.
13. D1 shoulder check and D2 support the outlet either behind the net or in the corner.
14. D1-D2 skate out to the blue line then back for the puck once in each corner.
15. Half the D and half the F at each end now combine the breakout skills 3-0 BO, 2-1.
16. Coach spot a puck for D1 to rim.
17. F1-F2 come into the zone from the blue line.
18. Coach pressure down the boards, F1 take rim and touch back to F2 who swings ‘low and slow’ from the middle lane.
19. F1-F2 skate out to the far blue line then cross and drop and attack 2-1 vs. D1 at each end.

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Date Thursday, September 28 2017 @ 07:33 PM GMT
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