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T4 - Penalty Kill 3-5vs. 2-1-2 Spread PP
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T4 - Penalty Kill 3-5vs. 2-1-2 Spread PP
Key Points:
Play 3-3 close to the puck, deny passes through the seams with the stick, skate straight lines. Pressure any loose puck. Block shots and keep the triangle tight. Don’t get tied up with an attacker.
Against a 2-1-2 spread.
1. Two high defenders who rotate top of the slot when the puck is at the point, mid-slot when at the other point or low on the weak side, low back door when the puck is low.
2. Low defender go east-west on the strong/puck side.
* Low Dice or Spread causes players to turn their back.
* Players have to defend with heads on a swivel.
* 3-3 strong side and give attack 2 players farthest from the puck.
* D to D pass. Rotate; low defender to other side, mid-slot defender to top of circle, top of circle to mid slot.
* Puck passed low. Rotate; low D to strong side, weak side high defender low weak side, other to mid slot. Take away back door tap in and give up options that are two passes away.

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Date Tuesday, November 07 2017 @ 08:35 PM GMT
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