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D100 - Two Touch Batchko - U18 F - Wally Kozak
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D100 - Two Touch Batchko - U18 F - Wally Kozak
Key Points:
Game where the players are not allowed to handle the puck. Player must skate to open ice with the puck and teammates have to get open for a pass and give close support. Players must have loose shoulders to control the puck on either the backhand or forehand side of the stick. Players must protect the puck with their body. The game is the greatest coach.
1. Play full ice with teams of 3-3 up to half the team on each side.
2. Players can only touch the puck twice.
3. First touch is when they take a pass.
4. Second pass is when they make a pass or take a shot.
5. Coach blow the whistle if there is more touches and the other team gets the puck.
6. Play a game and keep score.
7. After a goal the scoring team must tag up at the red line before they can forecheck.
* This is a game played all the time in Czech Republic and all over Europe.

* This is a core game to practice puck support and puck protection.

* Batchko is great for any level from kid’s to pro and can also be a SAG.
* Enjoy the Game.

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