T2 – 2-0, 2-1 Scoring Sequence– Wally Kozak – U18 F
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T2 – 2-0, 2-1 Scoring Sequence– Wally Kozak – U18 F

Key Points:
Use all of the options. Shoot to score, shoot for a rebound, one pass, two passes and learn to be a threat. Make the first pass early so there is a second play. Shoot to score and follow the shot for a rebound. Player without the puck go hard to the net and give a target with the stick. Both players stop at the net.
Key Points:
1. Shoot for Rebound – two players leave from the middle, skate hard to the net with the puck and shoot low to the far pad for a rebound. The second player go hard to the net for a rebound with stick on the ice and controlled skating. Start shooting at one end and then shoot at both ends.
2. Play Poker with the Goalie. Players can now either shoot or pass.
3. Early Pass then Poker. Pass high in the slot and then play poker with the goalie and either shoot or make a second pass.
4. Add a defender and play 2-1. The last attacker out of the zone defend vs. the next two attackers.

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