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DT200 - 2-2 to 2-0 - 2-2 – Pro
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DT200 - 2-2 to 2-0 - 2-2 – Pro
Key Points:
Protect the puck and go to the net and use give and goes, screens, picks on offense. Play tight gaps with body on body and stick on the puck from the net side and communicate playing man on man or switch on defense. Keep score and play to a score or time limit. Modified rules can be added. Various situations can be created by playing 3-3 or uneven situations like 2 on 3.
1. Play cross ice with the extra players waiting at the blue line and coach has pucks to keep play going.
2. Nets can either be against the boards or out far enough for players to go behind the net.
3. Divide the ice in half with paint or the coach is in the middle at the blue line as a guide.
4. Play 2-2 at one end with 2 players from the defensive team waiting to attack at the other end.
5. Defenders pass the puck to up teammates who attack the other net.
6. Original attackers back track and play defense vs. the new attackers.
7. Coach pass to the offensive team after a goal.
8. New defenders come in after the breakout pass is made.

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