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T3 – Defensemen Skating One– Wally Kozak – U18 F
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T3 – Defensemen Skating One– Wally Kozak – U18 F
Key Points:
When defending the player needs to eliminate unneeded cross-over’s and extra steps. The toe caps must face the puck carrier so the defender is able to skate and turn left-right-back-forward to maintain a tight gap and the defensive side. This skill is important for all the player including forwards.
1. Defensemen work with the coach at one end of the rink.
2. Skate forward then do a one foot stop and load with the other leg.
3. Push with the back leg and stride with the front leg without a cross-over.
4. Do two short reps facing one way using this load a fire technique.
5. Introduce the one foot and two foot controlled skating.
6. Alternate right skate, left skate, two skate control skating on coaches signal.
7. Full speed and stop on coach command, right, left, both.
8. Skate forward, one foot stop then backward without crossing over.
9. Skate forward, one foot slide, forward again then backward.
10. Skate forward to backward using a one foot stop and stride only – both ways.
11. Alternate skating forward to backward using the right then the left foot pivot.
12. Go full speed x 2 from the red to blue and back to red line.

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