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DT400 - 3-3 Pearn - U18 F
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DT400 - 3-3 Pearn - U18 F
Key Points:
Great transition game to practice offensive and defensive 3-3 or any other numerical situation. Defend from the net side; closest on puck carrier, second closest one stick length away, third closest halfway. Defenders indentify who you cover early. Create 2-1’s on offense and fight for the inside position. Attackers pass behind to the other side to spread the defense and create seams. Dump-ins can be added to work on the forecheck and breakout.
1. Players line up behind the red line.
2. Defenders allow the attackers to pass and start the new attack in the neutral zone.
3. Start with 3 reds attacking vs. 3 blacks.
4. On a goal, frozen puck or turnover the defenders must carry the puck over the blue line.
5. Black defenders pass to team-mates waiting at the red line.
6. Original attacking reds now defend inside the offensive zone.
7. This game can be done at one or both ends.
8. Blacks must get onside before the new attackers can cross the blue line or reds get the puck.
*Keep score and have tournaments with 4 teams and a game at each end.

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Date Thursday, January 18 2018 @ 06:45 PM GMT
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