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DT100 - Continuous 2-2 No Positions - U18 F
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DT100 - Continuous 2-2 No Positions - U18 F
Key Points:
Everyone plays both forward and defence in this transition game. They have to FIO (figure it out) in the defensive and offensive zones so two players are deep on the attack and defending and two at the point on offense and two covering the point on defense. ‘Keep Score’, it is a ‘Game’ with no whistles and constant ‘Changing on the Go.’
1. Black A-B attack vs. Red A-B.
2. Black C-D follow when the puck crosses the blue line and support at the point.
3. Red C-D follow from the other side and cover the point.
4. Play 4-4 in the zone.
5. On a goal, frozen puck or change of possession Red C-D attack vs. Black C-D.
6. Red E-F support the attack at the point and Black E-F cover the point.
7. Continue this flow.
8. This sequence can be done 1-1 to 2-2, 2-1 to 3-3, 3-2 to 5-5 or random combinations that create odd man advantages in the attacking or defending end.
*Teach players to read the game situation by sending out 1-2 or 3 new attackers or defenders. This causes players to communicate and adjust how they defend or attack. It may be a power play or penalty kill; players have to read it and act. Dump the puck in to work on the forecheck or quick breakout. Use your imagination as a coach to develop players with ‘Game Sense’.

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