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B6 - 2-0 x 2 Cross Pass x 2 - Finland U20
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B6 - 2-0 x 2 Cross Pass x 2 - Finland U20
Key Points:
Attack with speed. Prepare to shoot by squaring up if on the off wing or give a target on the forehand. Shoot quickly with a ‘one timer’ or ‘catch and release.’ Always shoot hard.
1. Players start from the four corners.
2. Player 1 leave from diagonal corners and cut across to the 'Big Ice' between the dots.
3. Player 2 leave from diagonal corners and skate up the ice.
4. Player 1 pass to 2.
5. Player 2 skate to the ‘Big Ice’ and 1 takes the ice behind to the wide lane.
6. Player 2 pass to 1 for a wide entry into the offensive zone.
7. Players 1-2 attack with speed and play ‘Poker’ with the goalie and either pass or shoot.
8. Only one pass in the offensive zone and both players crash the net for a rebound.
9. Alternate leaving from both corners.
*This is an unopposed drill that can be enhanced by passing to the previous shooters.
* After shooting skate to the blueline and defend 2-1 or 2-2.

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Sunday, May 06 2018 @ 05:08 PM GMT
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Media ID 20180506120820644  
Date Sunday, May 06 2018 @ 05:08 PM GMT
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