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C600 - One Touch x 3 - RG - 2-1 – Pro
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C600 - One Touch x 3 - RG - 2-1 – Pro
Key Points:
Forwards face the puck and give a target. D be in the triple threat position and don’t ‘dust the puck off’. F attack with speed, make first play early, one high one low-one fast one slow. D and goalie work together. D prevent the puck from crossing the mid line and take the dangerous stick after the shot.
1. Blue F and Red D across from each other, Blue F and Blue D at other blue line.
2. Red and Blue D1 start at each blue line in the middle.
3. Blue F1 and leave with a puck.
4. Blue F1 pass to Red D1 who exchanges ‘one touch’ passes to F1-F2.
5. Red D1 ‘one touch’ up ice to Blue D1.
6. Blue F1-F2 skate to the wide lanes then cross in front of Blue D1.
7. Blue D1 skate to open ice and ‘one touch’ to F1 or F2.
8. Blue F1-F2 attack 2-1 vs. Red D1 and finish the attack.
9. Repeat the other way with Red F1-F2 regroup with Blue D1.

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Media ID 20180722102003802  
Date Sunday, July 22 2018 @ 03:20 PM GMT
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