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T3 - C1-C6 - 1-2 x 2 Backpressure - U18.wmv
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T3 - C1-C6 - 1-2 x 2 Backpressure - U18
Key Points:
Defenseman play a tight gap and keep the attacker to the outside. Forward come back hard and force the attacker into the D without taking a stick penalty.
1. D start in the middle circle and forwards start in the corner.
2. Red backpressure on one side and blue on the other.
3. F1R attack from hash vs. D1B and F1B backpressure from goal line.
4. Defense play a tight gap so attacker F1R chips it in.
5. Forward back pressuring F1R picks up the chip.
6. F1R passes to F2B waiting at the hash.
7. F2B attacks vs. D2R and F2R back pressures.
8. If back pressuring forward causes a turn-over than the D pic up the loose puck.

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Media ID 20180820155956654  
Date Monday, August 20 2018 @ 03:59 PM GMT
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