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T4 – 1-3 Penalty Kill vs. 1-3-1 PP – U18
T4 – 1-3 Penalty Kill vs. 1-3-1 PP – U18
Key Points:
F1 forecheck hard on a dump in. Closest player pressure right away. Take away time and space with a good stick and toe caps facing the puck. D take away the quick wide pass and protect the middle when they enter the zone. F1 pressure down if you have speed.
1. Start with a low triangle of F2-D1-D2 and F1 above F2.
2. The two forwards F1-F2 on top rotate in a tandem.
3. The two defensemen D1-D2 cover one side each in the low slot.
4. High forward F1 is very aggressive and forces the mid-point attacker and pursues the first pass and sometimes the next passes if he has speed.
5. The second forward F2 covers the player in the middle of the 1-3-1.
6. F2 switches with F1 and pressures the puck when it is rotated away from F1.
7. D1-D2 defend from the net out and one D1 move to pressure a low puck on his side and D2 cover net front.
8. D1 read pressure or contain on low pucks to his side and D2 on his side.
9. They leave the low forward to the goaltender.
10. On a face-off D1 cover the wing on the boards.
11. F1-F2 Forecheck in a tandem and backpressure the puck carrier while F2 protect the middle and D1-D2 cover the wings.
12. F2-D1-D2 protect the middle when the puck enters the zone.
13. F1 or F2 pressure the point hard leading with the stick and good defensive skating.
14. Shrink the zone with F1-D1-D2 and F2 in front on low board battles.

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Date Saturday, December 08 2018 @ 04:51 PM GMT
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