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T4 – 1-3 Penalty Kill Rotation
T4 – 1-3 Penalty Kill Rotation

Key Points:
Forwards play in an I with one forcing the puck at the point and on the sides. The defense play low on each side. When the puck is low play and aggressive low press. Pressure any bobbled puck or poor possession. Good defensive skating in straight lines with stick on the puck and toe caps facing the puck.
Forwards Rotation:
1. All 4 defenders spin and then orient themselves into a 1-3.
2. Attackers set up in a high umbrella and move the puck starting at the mid point.
3. F1 at the top force the mid point and chase a pass to either side with stick denying return pass.
4. F2 move challenge a return pass to the mid point and F1 FALL UNDER and replace F2.
5. F1-F2 continue this tandem rotation with mid slot coverage when the puck high.
6. F1 or F2 pressure down if the attacker is at the half boards.
Defense Rotation:
1. Attackers set up at mid point in a high umbrella and defense start together in the low slot.
2. Puck is moved to one side D1 moves toward that side and D2 stays in the middle.
3. When puck is moved to the other side D2 move to that side and D1 to the middle.
4. D1 and D2 keep their sticks in the dangerous passing lanes and be ready to block shots.
Walk Through 4 on 5:
1. Set up in a 1-3-1 power play and 1-3 penalty kill.
2. Start from the mid point and had a controlled scrimmage of 5-4.
3. Divide the defensive zone into four quadrants of responsibility; F1-F2 high, D1-D2 low.
4. F1 pressure down the wall with the stick denying a pass to the point.
5. F2 pressure a return pass to the point and F1 fall under and cover the mid slot.
6. Play a low press if the puck moves from the half boards down.
7. Constantly decide whether to pressure or contain.

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