DT100 - Continuous 2-1 - 2-2 - D Join Attack - Pro.mp4
DT100 - Continuous 2-1 - D Join Attack – Pro
Key Points:
One puck game. If the puck is dumped out regroup and attack again. This transition game can be played like a continuous drill with the new players giving passive support. Another way is to play as a game and the new forwards help defend deep in the zone and the new offensive defenseman is part of the attack. So it is just an efficient was of changing lines on the go. This is the most game like practice drill/game a coach can use. Basically you can create any numerical situation or isolate team skills like the breakout and forecheck by making the attacking team dump the puck in. This video has the new players giving passive support. Examples of active and passive support full ice.
1. Attack 2-1 and two forwards give support to the D and one D follow to support the offense.
2. Defending team break out 2-1 and the D join to make it a 3-1.
3. Two defending F and one attacking D follow the play into the zone.
4. Make a 2-2 by two F and two D joining the play and one D be part of the rush.
5. This flow can be done from 1-1 which would make a 2-1 on the rush.
6. With a D joining a 2-1 is a 3-1 rush, 2-2 is a 3-2 rush.

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Date Saturday, November 30 2019 @ 07:24 PM GMT
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