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T2-4 – D4 – 1-1 – 2-2 – 3-3 Coverage and Attack - Pro.m4v
T2-4 – D4 – 1-1 – 2-2 – 3-3 Coverage and Attack – Pro
Key Points:
On defense play man on man with the guideline closest right on the puck carrier, second within a stick length, third closes half way. On offense try to win the 1-1 and create 2-1’s with scissors and give and go passes and move puck behind to the other side. Rotate so F3 mirrors the puck ready to shoot. In this video only the F take turns on the attack but in Total 1-2-3-4-5 hockey everyone should attack and defend. Everyone must communicate. Defensive skating, stick on stick and sticks in passing lanes are the focus.
1. Everyone is at one end of the ice.
2. Three forwards are spread around and one F and two D are ready to defend.
3. Coach pass to one of the attackers and he tries to score 1-1.
4. Whistle after about 5-8” and the coach pass to another F and now it is a 2-2.
5. Whistle and the coach pass to the third forward and they play 3-3.
6. Next group of 3 attackers and 3 defenders spread out in the zone.
7. Do this sequence until every forward has had a turn defending.
* For safety pass the puck to the coach on the whistle or pass it out of the zone, stepping on loose pucks causes a lot of unneeded injuries.

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Media ID 20200405164639976  
Date Sunday, April 05 2020 @ 04:46 PM GMT
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