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DT400 – Two Thirds Ice Game with Passive Support

Key Points:

Play 3-3 in the one end with the offense trying to score and defense defending and then making a breakout pass.


1. Black 1-2-3 attack Red 1-2-3 from the far blue line.
2. Black 4-5-6 follow the play into the zone above the circles.
3. On a goal, frozen puck or change of possession Black 1-2-3 pass to Black 4-5-6.
4. Black1-2-3 return to the line at the far blue line.
5. Black 4-5-6 skate with the puck to the far blue line and turn back.
6. Red 1-2-3 follow the play into the neutral zone.
7. Black 4-5-6 attack Red 1-2-3.
8. Red 4-5-6 follow to the top of the circle to support.

* Great game with only one goalie or a goalie working with the coach at one end.

* Play this transition game from 1-1 to 5-5 with even numbers like 3-3 or vary the situation like 3-2 then 2-3.

* Have modified rules to practice individual or team skills. i.e. Goals only count on one touch shots or there must be three passes made before shooting.

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Media ID 20210207163529382  
Date Sunday, February 07 2021 @ 04:35 PM GMT
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