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T2 - D1 – 4-4 – Offensive Playing Concepts with Darryl Belfry
T2 - D1 – 4-4 – Offensive Playing Concepts with Darryl Belfry
Key Points:

White and Red vs. Grey and Black.
- All 4 attackers must constantly move to support by getting open, screening, setting picks.
- D must be involved in the attacking zone or it is a 2 on 4 and not a 4 on 4.
- D skate hard between the dots at the blue line. Make offensive rather than possession decisions.
- Defense continuously create a forward angle on the forecheck and don’t simply back up.
- Turn to beat pressure. Support the puck by setting picks and screens.
- Play together and not a 1-1 game but turn it into a 2-1 game.
- Play fast on offense instead of slowing down.
- Use change of speeds with the puck and without the puck.
- Pass and quickly jump up to support the attack.
- Short passes allow close support and long passes to static players puts them on an island alone.
- Speed of the attackers needs to be faster than the speed of the defenders.
- Nine of ten shots will be stopped by the goalie and the players skating the fastest will get the loose puck so skate fast on offense.
- As soon as the puck is shot everyone is on defense and winning loose pucks puts you onto offense.


Play full ice 4-4 in a controlled scrimmage format and the coach stop the play to teach or review offensive or defensive concepts.

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