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D5 - Skill class SAG with Jokers
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D5 - Games of Two Pass with Jokers
This is a skills class with one goalie and 3 definite ability groups. We use one regulation and 3 small nets and in each game there are jokers either behind the goal line, at the point or both. There is a one goal game at each end and a cross ice game in the neutral zone. There are even and odd numbered teams as well. All games require two passes before you can score as well as passes to jokers. This causes the player with the puck and the other players to get open. I give a verbal description of the games.
D5 - Games of Two Pass with Jokers
Key Points:
Keep score in all of the games. Change where the jokers are and allow jokers to check jokers. Rotate on goals against. Rotate areas each game.
1. Play two one goal games and one cross ice game.
2. Require that 2 passes are needed before shooting and the jokers must be passed to.
3. Players don't check jokers but cover a man.
4. Jokers can pass or shoot but can't skate past the line.
5. Use passing rules like only forehand, skating rules as only backward or on one foot, quickness rules like only one second with the puck or good habit rules such as goals must be on one-timers.

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