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D6 Game Formation - Variations
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D6 Game Formation - Variations
Key Points:
The ice can be divided into two halves lengthwise which creates more speed and allows full ice drills and games on each side.
B6 is the basic formation with a net on each side of the ice on the goal lines at each end.
B6 Variation One
- One net on the goal line lined up with the other net on the far blue line.
B6 Variation Two
- One net in the goal crease at one end and the other net lined up with the face-off dot at the far blue line.
-This variation allows for play in the entire zone.
- In this variation the scoring team gets the puck and goes the other way and the team scored on must touch the blue line before defending. Use either Variation A or Variation B or you could combine them. Variation B gives a full zone to attack and defend in at each end.

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