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DT100 Continuous 2-1 to 3-3 Passive Support
DT100 Continuous 3-3 With Passive Support

Key Points:
New players give passive support above the circles but can take the puck if it is loose or the offense cycles too high, just like a F covering the point would. The key for the offense is to quickly attack and the defenders to communicate on coverage.

1. Players line up in the neutral zone with D on one side and F on the other.
2. Begin with a 3-3. Two RF and one RD attack vs. opposition two BF one BD.
3. Defending team has two BF follow and support from the top of the circles.
4. Attacking team have one RD support from the blue line.
5. On a frozen puck, goal or take away the defenders pass to one of the BF above the circles.
6. Attack 2-1 vs. the R defenseman.
7. Original two RF backcheck and original BD join the 2 F on the attack.
8. Original two RF return to the line-up.
9. Play 3-3 in the zone.
10. Two new RF from defending team and one BD from attacking team give passive support after the puck enters the offensive zone.
11. Continue this flow.

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