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E100 Change on the Go Shootout - Swiss U20
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E100 Change on the Go Shootout - Swiss U20
Key Points:
Make a hard fake to make the goalie lean one way. Shoot where the goalie is coming from and not where he is going. If he goes down then go up, if he stays up then shoot low, if he comes out then deke, if he stays deep in the net shoot.
1. Pucks in the middle circle and players leave from middle gate on the bench.
2. Contest is to see which team scores with all the pucks first.
3. If shooter scores, the next player can’t leave until he touches the bench with his stick.
4. No goal then the rebound is passed to the next player on the bench.
*Losing team has to do push ups or skate for each puck they didn’t score with.
*Coach can add fun by giving an extra point for the team that scores the most creative goal.

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Wednesday, May 27 2015 @ 08:07 PM GMT
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Media ID 20150527150751166  
Date Wednesday, May 27 2015 @ 08:07 PM GMT
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