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E1 - Shootout Race - U18
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E1 - Shootout Race - U18
Key Points
Players must have one skate on the dot at the start. No hooking or tripping. Skate to get D side and get the puck.
*This is a great contest for quick starts, puck protection, battling, scoring and a good anaerobic conditioning exercise. Keep score with one colour vs. the other.
1. Players are lined up behind the face of dots at each end.
2. A player from each team race for the puck which the coach puts on the middle dot.
3. Protect the puck and try to score vs. backchecking opponent.
4. Place another puck near the dot and repeat the other way.
5. Allow goals on rebounds that come straight out.
* Backchecker can’t hook or hold but must take the stick on a rebound.
* Keep score!!

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Media ID 20151024103934882  
Date Saturday, October 24 2015 @ 03:39 PM GMT
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