E1 - 10 Puck Change on the Go with Pass SO - College W
E1 10 Puck 1-0 and 2-0 Shootout
Key Points:
Allow only one or maybe two passes before shooting. Place 10 pucks on the blue line or
less if you don't have much time.

1. Players are on the bench and can't leave until the scorers get within one stick length
of the gate.
2. Race back to the bench hard to simulate changing on the fly.
3. Next two players go and pick up another puck from he blue line.
4. Goalie can shoot the puck away but keep it in the zone.
5. Losing team do something like skate or push ups for each goal they lose by.
6. In the 1-0 game only allow 1 to 3 tries and if they don't score put the puck back on the blue line and race to the bench.
7. In the 2-0 game also play the variation that each player must score one goal. You can also require a certain kind of shot, tip in, rebound etc. for one or two of the goals.

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Saturday, May 08 2021 @ 03:16 PM GMT
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Keywords shootout, pass, race
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Media ID 20210508151629291  
Date Saturday, May 08 2021 @ 03:16 PM GMT
Comments 0
Views 33549
Keywords shootout, pass, race
Uploaded By TomM
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