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Variations from One Practice Formation.

Got this question from Kevin Sullivan, a coach who lives near Boston.

I have a question I have been meaning to ask and your are probably the only one who can answer it, it is something Juhani Wahlsten did and Dave King talks about it and did a clinic about it, "Developing drills from one formation in your practices"??
I have seen the Dave King presentation, but have never come across Juhani's version and I am sure it is in your Hockey ABC's book!

Kevin, I give you some examples of using one formation
- to do a sequence of drill.,
- to add passes and tasks
- to move from B - zero.opponents to C - vs opponents..
- to add tasks like a regroup or dump in to a transition game.
- to progress from B to C to DT a transition game..

Variations from One Practice Formation

I will use the B600 basic formation as an example. The players start from the four bluelines on the boards.

Flames do these 4 drills but put them in one sequence.

B600 – Vertical Give and Go

B600 – Two Pass Timing

B600 – One Touch Diagonal – Stretch Pass

B600 – Multiple Passes

Put the four drills all together one after another from the same B600 Formation.

B600 – 4 Drill Skill Warm up

B600 - Multiple Pass – unopposed, add opposition, add a pass.

Add a pass or turn it into C600 by adding a 1-1 after you shoot.

B600 – One Touch Passes – Pro
- One pass and skate in for a shot.

B600 – Make two passes instead of one each time. This would still be a B600

C600 – Multiple Passes 1-1 – U18 F
- One pass and play a 1-1 after you shoot.

C600 – Multiple Passes x 2 – 1-1 x 2
- Make two passes at each corner then a 1-1 after.

B600 – Tomas Continuous Regroup Options
– change the drill by adding players, dump in’s to practice team play.

B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas
– Continuous regroup with two forwards pressuring 2-1-2

B600 - Tomas RG-FC - 1-2 - U18
- Continuous with one forward pressuring practicing 1-2-2

B600 - NZ Regroup 3 F - Tomas – College
- Three forwards pressure one F1-F2 a D each F3 mirror

B600 - Tomas 3 F Dump in – College
- Instead or regrouping dump the puck in and forecheck.

C600 Game Situation Drills
– Practice all the numerical situations, add regroups and dump ins.

C600 Multiple Passes - 1-1 x 2 - U18 F
- Add a 1-1

C600 - 2 on 1 x 2 - Pro 1
- Continuous 2-1’s alternating ends.

C600 - 2 on 2 x 2 – Pro
- Add one defender and continuous 2-2 at alternate ends.

DT100 - Full Ice Transition Games

Transition Games to practice game situations with no whistles and players rotate in and out. Create any
numerical situation. Add regroups, dump ins. Give either passive, active or a combination of passive and
active support. Have games and keep score. My opinion is this is most effective way to practice team
play in game situations and even smaller situations like a continuous 2-1 to 3-3.


DT100 - Continuous 2-1 - Passive Support – Pro
- 2 F and 1 D follow to got the other direction.

DT100 - Continuous 2-2 to 4-4 Tag up - U18 F
- 2 F and 2 D touch the far blue line before giving active support.

DT100 - Continuous 2-2 No Positions - U18
– Two offensive and two defensive players follow the play into the zone and give active support making
it a 4-4.

DT100 - 1 on 2, 2 on 3, Regroup - Juuso, Yursi
- Gain the red line then dump the puck in and forecheck.

DT100 Continuous 2-2 with Regroup - Flames B
- Regroup in the neutral zone on the whistle or make it a rule for each attack or an option for the

DT100 - Transition Game 3-2 to 3-3 - RB Pro
– Three F and two D follow the play into the zone. The first forward helps the 2 D to turn the 3-2 into a
low 3-3. The other 2 F and 2 D are passive.

DT100 - Continuous 2-2 - F1 Backtrack- Pro
– Two F and two D follow the attack with the first forward giving low support and making it a 2-3 after
the initial 2-2 attack.

DT100 Continuous 2 on 2 - D Join Attack F Backcheck - U18 F
– Two F and two D follow the attack into the zone and play 4-4. One D joins the rush and one F
backchecks making it a 3-3 on the rush and a 5-5 when the two new D and F’s follow the play into the

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ABC's of International Ice Hockey in Spanish

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