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T - Team Play Booklet - 2015

This is the team play booklet from 2015.

T2 game playing role two, players supporting the puck carrier.

T4 players covering away from the puck.

T1-2 offensive play.

T3-4 defensive play.

T2-4 team play situation. etc.

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Age Group Levels - ABC's of International HockeyCoaching: A Program to Develop the Complete Player

A complete hockey curriculum for any Sports Club, National Organization or Local Hockey Association. A natural progression of skills, game understanding and good habits to keep the game fun and develop creative players. Only use this curriculum if you want your players to be skilled and love the game.

Two themes of the ABC program are:

"Enjoy the Game"

"The Game is the Greatest Coach"

These PDF's have drills and games for the various levels of hockey. I will assume the player is starting at age six but it really doesn't matter as an adult starting will need to move through the same progression. Everyone needs to learn the same skills and they get more complex as the player improves and is mature enough to understand team play. The levels follow the growth and development of a person. Up until puberty the player is focused on his/her family and themselves and they should learn individual skills. The Golden Years of 'Learning' when we learn the fastest are the 4 years before puberty and skills and good playing habits should be the focus. After puberty we focus more on our friends and now are ready to learn team play. When the joints harden after growing is finished we can push harder and work on speed and power,

ABC's of International Hockey Levels (original levels) -


I co-authored this coaching program with Juhani Wahlsten of Turku, Finland. He had been working on it for a few years before I met him. Juhani played in 3 Olympics and 7 World Championships for Finland. Was captain of the team for many of those tournaments. He is in the IIHF Hall of Fame as a player/coach. Two other coaches collaborated with us and made many contributions. Vladimir Jursinov of Russia, another IIHF Hall of Fame coach/ player and coach of multiple Russian and Soviet Olympic Teams, who had many discussions with Juhani about skill development. Erkka Westerlund supported the program and contributed lots of ideas, especially with Transition Games. Erkka coached Finland in the 2014 and 2006 Olympics, winning medals each time and currently is head coach of Jokerit in the KHL. I also coached a season with Slava Lener, Czech Olympic coach and head of hockey in the Czech Republic. Pierre Page in Salzburg had a development focus as we had coaches from all the hockey nations on staff. Reilly USA, Routsalainen Finland, Barda Czech, Medric Slovakia, Melinder and Brithen Sweden, Jursinov Russia. (Also coached at the U of Calgary with future NHL coaches like Willie Desjardins, Mike Johnston, Tim Bothwell but at that time their focus wasn't player development. I would always go with Terry Johnson a former NHLer to learn things about playing defense.) George Kingston brought international world class coaches to the U of Calgary every summer for 9 years to give two week seminars and I listened to them all. Also I have done many camps around the USA and Canada as well as Norway, Finland, Mexico, South Korea, Czech Republic and Austria. So what I am trying to say is that these experiences have given me a pretty good idea about player development around the world.

Enough of how wonderful I am but I think it is important to know that this material comes from a lot smarter hockey men than myself. I am the messenger.

This is a link to the Austrian National Development program in German on their website. Our manual has ABC's in the title. http://www.eishockey.at/aus-und-fortbildung/

ABC's of International Hockey PDF's of drills and games to update the teaching system. [/b]

These pdf.s have description, diagrams and usually a video link to the on and off ice exercises. (10 years of updates since the book was published)


Developmentally Appropriate Levels for Hockey

Age 5-6 Level 0 (Players become comfortable on the ice and with the equipment.)

A - Skating and Individual Skills
B - Partner skills.
D - Games

Age 7-8 Level 0-1 (Learn the skills and to love the game.)

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents.
D - Games
G - Goaltender practice.

Age 9-10 Level 0-2 (Technique, technique, technique is the theme and will set the foundation to become an effective player.

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents.
C - Game situation up to 3-3.
D - Games - SAG
DT - Half-ice Transition Games.
E - Shootouts and Contests
G - Goaltender practice.
T1 - Individual offensive technique and T2 - Individual defensive technique.

Ages 11-12 Levels 0-3 (Skill development is at it's peak and game situations can be introduced.)

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents.
C - Game situation up to 3-3.
D - Games - SAG and Full ice.
DT - Half-ice Transition Games.
E - Shootouts and Contests
G - Goaltender practice.
O - Off-ice agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, competition.
T2 - Introductory team offense.
T4 - Introductory team defense.

Ages 13-14 Levels 0-4 (Learn all of the skills good habits and game situations.

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents. Flow drills with Regroups.
C - Game Situation up to 5-5 and specialty teams.
D - Games SAG and Full ice.
DT - Half-ice and Full ice Transition Games.
E - Shootouts and Contests
F - Conditioning Skates 10' or less.
G - Goaltender practice.
O - Off-ice agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, competition.

T2 - Team offense.
T4 - Team defense.
T2-4 - Offense vs. defensive pressure.

Ages 15-16 Levels 0-6 ( The A-B drills are used to warm-up and C to play the game situations better. DT transition games should compliment all of the C drills)

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents. Flow and Regroup.
C - Game Situation up to 5-5 and specialty teams.
D - Games SAG and Full ice.
DT - Half-ice and Full ice Transition Games.
E - Shootouts and Contests
F - Conditioning Skates
G - Goaltender practice.
O - Off-ice muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, speed, competitive situations.

T1 - Individual offensive technique - individual teaching.
T3 - Individual defensive technique - individual teaching..
T2 - Team offense.
T4 - Team defense.
T2-4 - Offense vs. defensive pressure.

Ages 17 and Older - The A-B drills are used to warm-up and perform at top speed with the head up. Players are now old enough to train for power.

A - Skating and Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills - Review and warm up.
B - Partner and Team Skills vs. no opponents. Flow, regroups, team play concepts and warm up.
C - Game Situation up to 5-5 and specialty teams. All situations top speed.
D - Games SAG and Full ice. All situations at top speed.
DT - Half-ice and Full ice Transition Games. All situations at top speed.
E - Shootouts and Contests
F - Conditioning Skates for all energy systems.
G - Goaltender practice.
O - Off-ice muscle strength, muscle endurance, power, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, speed, competitive situations.
T1 - Individual offensive technique - individual teaching.
T3 - Individual defensive technique - individual teaching..
T2 - Team offense.
T4 - Team defense.
T2-4 - Offense vs. defensive pressure.
Booklets of Drills and Games

The data base is so large that I prepared pdf. booklets to make it easier to find practice ideas.

A - 2015 Individual and Skating Skills


B - 2015 Partner and Team Skill Drills - Hockey Coaching ABCs


C - Hockey Coaching ABCs - 2015 Game Situation Drills


D - ABC Games Booklet 2015


DT - Transition Games


E1 - Shootouts and Contests 2015


F - Fitness and Agility Skating 2015


G - Goaltending


O - Off-ice Training


T - Team Play - Tactical Training


The additional videos that I haven't done the pdf.s for as yet. They are coded the same way and there is a lot of advanced drills and team play ideas.


Explanation of the ABC Coding


Teaching the ‘Four Game Playing Roles.’


Defenseman Skills – Updated With New Video


This link below takes you to a fantastic resource for teaching skills.

S - Skill Technique - Video Clips on Technique – Sweden, Finland, Russia


The pdf below has lists of drills and games that have the same theme.

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International and Pro Postings

I was just looking at the drills sections and beginning with Drill Section Ten was able to put on more international examples of practice ideas.

The World U20 tournament was in Calgary 2012 and all of the teams were practicing in our 4 rink complex at the same time and made it possible to take short clips of the various drills from every major hockey nation and edit them later to post here. In the next few years many international teams came here to prepare for the 2014 Olympics and both the Finnish and Czech U17 teams came to play in tournaments and also practiced at the same complex. I know the Czech and Finnish coaches and got some great material from them. I also get sent things from various coaches around the world that I post on this site. Calgary has every level of hockey: pro university college, Jr. Major Jr.. I take clipd of things I see them doing as well.

In 07-08 was I finished my fifth year coaching college women and was offered a coaching position in Salzburg and went to Austria to coach with the Red Bulls and got to watch coaches from every hockey nation run practices and sat in the same room with them for 7 months. I decided not to return with about a month left so took a lot of video clips so I could remember the drills they did. When I returned I coached in the pro women's WWHL for two seasons until it folded and them U18 AAA girls's for three years. Now I am coaching in the Royals organization, last year with U15 Bantam boy's and next year with U18. I take video of these teams doing the drills that only I do or have seen but didn't have a camera with.

I am always looking for new practice ideas and would be doing all of this for myself but since Dwight was nice enough to set up this site for me it is easy to share my data base and hope that coaches around the world use the ideas they like to run effective practices.

I am always saddened by the fact that most of the hockey organizations don't have a curriculum with a progressive scope and sequence like the one we prepared for the Austrian Association. It was created by Finnish legend Juhani Wahlsten with input from another IIHF Hall of Famer, Jursinov the Russian legend also the head of Czech Hockey and the coach of the Finnish Olympic team are friends who contributed ideas. NA associations produce a lot of great material but there is no standard 'hockey curriculum' that all players progress through. What results would our schools get if every teacher did what they thought was needed and there was no curriculum to follow.

When 80% of the players quit by15 that is a pretty big Red Flag. (inthe book 'Just Let the Play" they surveyed children on why they quit sports and the second highest of top ten reasons was theat they 'hate their practices.' )

The European programs are developed by educators and focus on development. Finland and Sweden have about 50 000 players each, Czech 30 000 and the other countries less. So they can't rely on player development from a random program like we do in NA. Canada and the USA have half a million players each and there are always some that will emerge as world class. It is a testament that these smaller countries can compete with us on the international stage. They have to have good development programs based on solid educational pedagogy.

The idea of this site is to supplement the ABC surriculum we prepared and be a resourse for coaches at every level to run efficient and enjoyable practices.

So Drills Sections Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen have everything from the first nine sections plus Ten Best Lists and Booklets.

I have gone through all the video now and converted it so I will start to write those drills up with descriptions and diagrams and post them in the forum.

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B4 and B6 Pass and Replace – RB Pro

Key Points:

Face the puck and give a target. On shooting drills always circle back and rebound for the next shooter.


1. F1 pass to D1 and skate across.
2. D1 pass back to F1 and follow the pass.
3. F1 circle back and pass to D1 in neutral zone.
4. D1 shoot at the opposite net.
5. F1 circle back and get a pass from D2.
6. F1 shoot at far end.
7. D1 circle back to rebound for F1's shot.

* F1 screen and tip or circle back for a rebound after shooting.

* This flow drill can also be done with F and D rotating starting points.


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T2 - DT100 - 5-1 with BC to 5-2 - RB Pro

Key Points:

Always four on the rush. Pinch on both sides and D slide over to fill for pinching D. Fill the low lanes on the breakout, one F stretch long and one F middle support.


1. Start with the forward in the neutral zone regroup with the D.
2. Attack 5-1 vs. 1 D back and 1D backchecking for a 5-2 in the zone.
3. Play 5-2 pinching on both sides and 4 up on the attack.
4. Next attackers wait in the neutral zone.
5. Attack vs. the D who were just on offense, on is back and one backchecks.
6. Fill 3 low lanes on the breakout, one F stretch and one F mirror the puck in the middle.
7. Attack looks like a 2-2-1 and the D be part of the cycle on their side.
8. Attack with a middle drive and a 4th man as the trailer (looks like a diamond).
9. To use this forecheck you must be able to count to 5 and read 4 in front of you stay back.
10. Always be looking for opportunities to be a weak side one timer option.


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When I decided it was best to come home from coaching in Austria I took video of a lot of practices when it wasn't my turn to be on the ice. There were coaches there from Canada, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden; so video was a way to remember what they did on the ice.

I found forgotten files on a remote hard drive and have posted about 25 with the raw video that I converted and labelled and have some more to convert and post and then edit and prepare the diagram and descriptions.

Just looked at the viewings for the Austrian drills and there was 10 first one then 1 or 2. Not everything is earth shattering but there are some great flow and situation drills. If you can find 10 of the 30 that you like then you will be a better coach.

Austrian Pro Drills


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This may be the best situation drill of all. It is game-like and full ice,, the players transition from offense to defense and a lot of read and respond is required .
Gene Reilly is running this drill. Gene is from Boston and is a lifer with a huge background coaching Jr. A with Bill Dineen, at Maine with Sean Walsh, working with Ottawa's AHL team with the assignment of teaching Jason Spezza the pro game. He also was an asst. coach at Harvard, Northeastern and now trying to rebuild the program at CC. Gene spent about five years with the Red Bulls and left there to be a pro scout for Carolina. He missed coaching and went back to the NCAA. A really, really hard working guy. I learned a lot from him.

Here is Babcock doing this same sequence as a transtion game with Detroit (coaches would be well advised to incorporate Transition Games after they use situation drills to teach the players. There is only one puck, no whistles and you just need to send more or less players to change the situation.)

DT100 Continuous 2-1, 2-2 Detroit – Pro

Forum Posting

Video of the transition game.

Detroit's supporting F and D are passive in this video but they could be active as in the drill and have a 2-1 in the nzone and 3-3 in each zone and then a 2-2 through the nzone and a 4-4 in each zone. A 3-2 situation creates a 5-5 in each zone and they are all great ways to practice offensive and defensive team play. If you have only 16 skaters you can get a 5-5 by having one D join the rush and the high F backeck on a continuous 2-2.

C6 - 1-1 to 2-2, 2-1 to 3-3, 2-2 to 4-4 - RB Pro

Key Points:

Defenders communicate, attack with speed, O and D fight to control the slot.


1. D in one corner and F in the other corner at both ends.
2. Either F1 starts with a puck or D1 passes to F1 who skates into the middle circle before attacking 1-1 vs. D1.
3. On the whistle F2 attack D2 at the other end and D1 join the rush while F1 backchecks.
4. Keep attacking and defending until the whistle.
5. Add a forward to make it a 2-1 until the whistle when they join to create a 3-3.
6. Players must communicate who to cover on defense.
7. Attack with speed to beat the backchecker on the 2-1.
8. Play with good habits: stop at the net, D tie up sticks, create rebounds.
9. Keep Score to increase intensity.
10. You need at least 8 F and 4 D to do the 2-1.
11. Add another D making it a 2-2 rush and 4-4 at each end.
12. With 2-2 you need at least 8 F and 8 D.
13. You can also do this drill with all the player playing both F and D.

* If you have 20 skaters you can do a 3-2 rush and 5-5 at each end.

* This sequence can be done as a one puck transition game with either active or passive support.



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C - Practicing 1 on 1 - Updated July 2015

These posting, mostly video's have been added to the site since the original 1-1 file was posted. I will paste the new ones below and integrate them into the original pdf. which is at the bottom of this posting.

C6 - 1-1 to 2-2, 2-1 to 3-3, 2-2 to 4-4 - RB Pro


T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro

T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro

C202 - RG 1-1 x 2 - RB Pro

C6 - BO 1-1 with RG - RB Pro

D200 1-1 High and Low with Joker

C5 Low 1-1 and 2-1 - Pro

C5 Low 1-1 and 2-1 - Pro

C6 Horseshoe 2-0, 1-1 - Pro

C5 Dump-in 1-1 - U18 W

C5 -Dump-in 1-1 - Shot U22 W

C5-C6 RG 1-1 x 2 - Pro

D200 - Small 1-1 with 2 Jokers - Pro W

C6 - 1-1 with Agility Skate - Pro

C6 1-1 x 2 - Pro

D202 Keepaway With Jokers 1-1 to 3-3 - U15

A - Czech Individual Skills 6 Station Circuit

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C - Practicing 2 on 1 and 2 on 2 - Updated July 2015

There are only a few new drills and games since April and I included them in the pdf.s

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C - Practicing 3 on 2 and 3 on 3 - Updated July 2015

These are the updated links since April.

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T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro

Key Points:

Attack with speed, protect the puck and drive hard to the net for a rebound. Defender play a tight gap, head up and stick on the puck, body on body. Tie up the stick and box out after a shot.


1. Players line up along the boards on one side.
2. Start at the blue line with the attacker passing to the defender.
3. Defender skate back then up and return pass to the attacker who skates out to the red line.
4. Defender close the gap then play a 1-1.
5. Both players need to have quick feet.
6. Defender keep the eyes up, stick on the puck and tie up the stick after a shot.
7. Attacker make a hard fake and and drive to the net follow the shot for a rebound.


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T1-2-3 - C2 2-1 Technique - RB Pro

Key Points:

This is a great formation for teaching as the players are close to the coach. Defenders close the gap right away and keep the puck on one side then it is really a 2-2 with the goalie playing the shooter. Attack with speed and cross the mid-line with the puck, a pass or a pass off the pads.


1. Start with F1 skating toward the red line and getting a pass from F2.
2. D1 skate up and close the gap before the blue line.
3. F1 attack the wide lane and F2 cross behind.
4. F2 be in a good shooting position. Square up if on the off wing.
5. Puck carrier must be a threat and attack with speed.
6. Defender stay in the middle and identify the most dangerous attacker.
7. Coach stop the drill to give input on how to play the situation.
8. Attackers make the first pass early so there is a second play and use the forehand when possible.
9. Defender keep the play to one side and tie up the stick of the player going to the net after a shot.
10. If the puck carrier is wide and deep an option is for the defender to slide outside the strong side post.


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T1-2-3-4 - C2 2-2 Technique - RB Pro

Key Points:

C2 is a great formation to teach from and go over key points. Keep score and make the drill a contest. A 2-2 has the 4 roles. 1-puck carrier, 2-puck support, 3-check puck carrier, 4-cover away from puck.


1. Attacker 1 pass to attacker 2 then take the ice behind by crossing to the middle.
2. Coach wants attacker 2 to skate to the wide lane and 1 cross to the middle.
3. Defender 1 and 2 skate out and close the gap right away.
4. Cross and drop before the blue line to cause the defenders to make coverage decisions.
5. Coach put in a new puck if the play ends right away and the 2 on 2 continues.
6. Attackers cross to cause confusion and defenders communicate to stay man on man or switch.
7. Cross to create a 2-1 vs. one defender.
8. Defenders must see their man and the puck and play on the defensive side.
9. Attackers fight for the offensive side and keep their sticks free for one touch shots and rebounds.
10. Either play F and D or everyone play all situations, which is better for development.

* I am adding a pdf. with all three of these drills together, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, as it is a great teaching sequence.


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T2-4 PP Breakout to 4-2 and 2-1 - Pro W

Key Points:

Extra players on the bench in a D100 formation. Rotate in when the 2-1 and 4-2 are playing at each end. D everything with speed and drive to the net on the attack.


1. Four defenders and five attackers pass the puck on their side of the red line.
2. Attackers dump their puck into their end for a PP breakout and attackers forecheck.
3. In neutral zone 3 attacking forwards and 1 D continue and vs. the 2 defensemen 4-2.
4. The 2 pk forwards get a puck from the coach and turn to attack the other offensive D 2-1.
5. Next group of 5 and 4 come out and repeat.
6. If there are only 5 D then the 2 D who attacked now go with the 2 PK forwards.

• Two colours make team play drills easier to coach and more in tune with today’s game of Total Hockey.


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Skating and Puck Handling Warm up - NCAA Div. 1 Female Freshman

A female player I have worked with 4 years does her warm-up with a puck including edges and balance. The idea is to reach as far as possible with the puck and separate the movement of the upper and lower body. Around the circles the puck stays on one side of the blade in order to loosen the shoulders.

Yesterday she carried 5 different kinds of balls at the same time and did many agility exercises, lots of shots and scoring and passing. We are going 5 days in a row before I go to Santa Rosa to play in a tournament.


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C3 - 3-2 Pro W

Key Points:

Attack with a middle drive and create 2-1's. Defenders talk, good sticks and have a net front presence.


1. Start with 4 defenders in the neutral zone and attackers along the boards.
2. On whistle 2 attackers from one side and 1 from the other swing behind and attack 3-2.
3. Coach be ready with another puck if the play ends.
4. Play out the 3-2.
5. Repeat the other direction.
6. Two new defenders move into the neutral zone.


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St. Louis Team Play

Ray Bennet, long time assistant coach of St. Louis gave a seminar presentation on their team play principles.

The forecheck is almost identical to the Tsunami except the D doesn't stay in on the cycle as you would in 'Total Hockey'. They want to possess the puck as much as possible. They were great this year and could have one it all had their goalie played well.

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Skill Videos

I have posted a lot of skill videos lately that don't have diagrams yet. Many are from a pro skills camp and others from Europe.

A – Skating and Individual Skill Videos


B – Partner and Team Skill Videos


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I spent a lot of this spring posting videos of drills and games that I haven't done diagrams for as yet. There is a lot of pro material and video from when I was coaching in Austria along with other ideas.

The PDF at the end of the posting has links that take you to the video.

Video Postings April 20-July 20

A – Skating and Individual Offensive Skills

A2 Backward Cross-over Principles 3
A3 Russian Skating Warm up - RB U17-20
A200 Puck Handling - Small Nets
A202 - Chaos Puck Protection - Pro
A300 Agility Skating - RB U17-20
A300 Practicing the Chocktow in Small Groups
A300 - Pass and Keepaway - U18 G
A400 Skating and Puck Handle - Pro
A500 - Skating Agility and Skills - Pro
A500 - Two Puckhandle vs Coach x 4 - Pro

B – Partner and Team Skills vs. Zero Opponents

B2 - D Shot Off Draw - Pro
B2 - D Puck Off Boards - Escape - Shoot x 2 - Pro
B2 - D One Timer - Agility Skate - Pro
B2 - D Drag to Beat Blocker - Shoot - Pro
B2 Puck Protect Pass-shoot U18
B2 - D to D to D - Shoot - Pro
B2 - D Shot off Draw Down Boards - Pro
B2 - Point Shots x 2 - Pro
B3 - Backhand Pass x 10 - Pro
B3 Pass - Follow Your Pass - U14
B3 Partner Pass - Keepaway - 1-1 Game
B3 - Passing from Triple Threat Position - Pro
B4 Regroup with Coach Support and Shoot - Finland U20
B4-B6 Pass and Replace - RB Pro
B4-B600 - Breakout Flow - Pro
B5 Breakout Opitions - Small Group
B5-B6 On Touch x 2 - Shot - Point Shot - Pro
B6 - 2-0 Inside Out Pass of the Pads - RB Pro
B6 - F and D Agility-BO-Point Shot x 2 - Pro
B6 Big Horseshoe 1-0- Pro
B6 - 2-0 Pass and Shoot Skating - Pro
B6 - 3-0 Weave-RG With Coach-Shoot - Goalie WU Far End - Pro
B6 - 3 One Touch Pass 1 Skate Backward - Pro
B6 - One Touch Passing - Pro
B6 - 2 Shots 2 Passes x 2 - Pro
B6 High Cycle - Screen - Slot Shot - Pro
B6 - Shot 2-0 to 3-0 - Pro
B6 - 2-0 Touch Back – Pro
B6 - Horseshoe with Stretch Pass - Pro
B200 - 3 Touch Cross Pass - Shoot - Pro
B200 - 3 Touch Shoot - Pro
B200 Figure Eight Face Puck Passing - Pro
B202 - RG-Hinge-Stretch Pass - Pro
B202 - RG-Hinge-Stretch Pass-One Touch - Pro
B300 Shoot from Pass Below Goal Line x 2 - Pro
B300 - One Touch Monkey in Middle - Pro
B300 - Partner Pass Figure Eight
B500 - Czech Skills x 6 Stations
B500 - Square 1 Touch Passing - Pro W
B500 - Pass 1-2-3 Pucks x 4 - Pro
B500 - Static Monkey in Middle x 4 - Pro
B500 - 2 Players Pass 2 Pucks in Circle - Pro
B600 - RG-Quick up to F to Stretch F- Point Shot - Pro
B600 3 - RB Pro
B600 2 - RB Pro
B600 1 - RB Pro
B600 Give and Go x 2 Cross Pass Shoot - RB Pro
B600 2 x Quick up and Point Shot - Pro
B600 2 x One Touch and Stretch Pass - Pro W
B600 - RG-Delay-Point Shot - Pro
B600 RG-Delay-Point Shot x 2 - Pro
B600 RG x 2 Point Shot - Pro W
B600 D Agility Skate - Pass - Delay - Point Shot - Pro

C – Game Situation Drills – Offense vs. Defenders

C2 - 3-2 - Pro W
C3 - Continuous RG 4-2 - RB Pro
C3 - Dump-BO 3-0-RG x 2 - 2-1 - Pro
C3 - Dump-BO 3-0-RG x 2 - 3-1- Point Shot - Pro
C3 - 2-1 With 2 Backcheckers - Pro
C3 - 5-0 Dump-in-BO-Turn Back 3-2 x 2 - RB Pro
C5 - Protect the Puck 1-1 x 4 - Pro
C5 - Keepaway 1-1 x 4 - Pro
C5 Low 1-1 and 2-1 - Pro
C5 Dump-in 1-1 - U18 W
C5 -Dump-in 1-1 - Shot U22 W
C5-C6 RG 1-1 x 2 - Pro
C5 Low 2-1 - Pro
C5-C6 Pass RG - 2-1 x 2 - Pro
C6 - 1-1 F Join-D Backcheck - Pro
C6 - 2 on 1 Point Shot - ProC202 - RG 1-1 x 2 - RB Pro
C6 - BO 1-1 with RG - RB Pro
C6 - 1-1 to 2-2, 2-1 to 3-3, 2-2 to 4-4 RB – Pro
C6 Horseshoe 2-0, 1-1 - Pro
C6 - 1-1 with Agility Skate - Pro
C6 1-1 x 2 - Pro
C200 - Tight 2 on 2 - Pro
C600-C3, 2 on 1 - Pro
C600 - 3-1 D Join the Attack - RB Pro
C600-C3, 2 on 1 - Pro
C600 Isolate Wide D on 2-2- Pro
C600 2-0-RG to 2-2 - Pro
C600 BO RG 2-1 - ProW

D – Full Ice and Small Area Games

D100 4-4 - Pro
D2 - Only 1 Pass Allowed Receiver Must Score
D4 - Low Slot 4-4 - Pro
D5 - Five Games and Goalie Work
D6 Variation 2-Two Passes and All Must Score - Youth
D200 1-1 High and Low with Joker
D200 - 3 on 3 - Pro
D200 - Small 1-1 with 2 Jokers - Pro W
D200 Tight 2-2 - Pro
D200 2-2 Add Players with Give and Go - Pro W
D400 3-3 RB Pro
D202 Keepaway With Jokers 1-1 to 3-3 - U15

DT – Transition Games – Practice Game Situations with One Puck

DT100 Backchecking Game with Regroups - U18 G
DT200 Nets Back to Back - One Goalie With Jokers - U15 Boy's
DT400 - Pass to Point on Transition - Pro
DT400 - 3 on 3 - Attack-Defend-Breakout-Rest
DT400 - 2 on 2 with Passive Support - Double Regroup - U15

G – Goalie Technique

G - Shots from Pass-outs x 2 - Pro
G - Shot Off Pass - Pass Loose Puck -Shot - Pro
G - Covering Short Side Post and Passes from Behind - Pro
G-Crease Skating - Goalie Camp
G - Goalie Skating and Warm-up – Pro

F – Conditioning and Agility Skating

F - Quick Burst and Agility Skating - RB Pro
T1 - F - Agility and Quickness Skate - RB Pro
F - Blue-Red-Blue-Poke Check - Pro
F - Wave Skate - Poke Check - Pro
F - Aerobic Conditioning Skate - Pro
F - A3 Conditioning - Slovakia U20
F - Fitness and Agility Skate - Pro
F - Wave Skating - Pro
F - A2 Down and Back - Pro
F - Defense Crossovers and Pivot - Pro
F - A2 Down and Back - Pro
F - Defense Agility Skate Good Stick - Pro
F202 - Skating Intervals
F300 - Quick Feet - Agility Skating - Pro
F300 - Quick Feet - Detroit

E – Shoot-outs and Contests

E100 Change on the Go Shootout - Swiss U20
E1 Flip Puck to Top of Net - Pro

T – Coach is Teaching Individual Skills or Team Play

T1 – Individual Offensive Skill Instruction

T1 - Pass-Agility Skate and Shoot - RB Pro
T1 - B Shoot and Score Drills - Pro
T1 -A - Puck Handle and Shoot - Pro
T1 A - Quick Shots off a Pass - Pro
T1 Obstacle Stickhandle x 3 - Shoot - Pro
T1 - Forehand Quick Shot - Pro
T1- Agility skate - One Touch x 3 - Pro
T1 - D Take Rim - Shoot - Jump-in One Timer - Pro
T1 - D Pivot - Set up Behind - Wheel - Pass - Pro
T1 - D Pivot - Quick Up x 2 - Pro
T1 - Forward Take Rim Pass - Pro
T1 - One Touch and One Timer - Pro
T1 - Fake Walk-in - Pass to Front - Pro
T1 One Timers, Screen, Tip - Pro
T1 - Skate and One Touch Shot - Detroit
T1 - Cross-overs With Puck - Detroit
T1 B202 1-0 Pass-Deke-Shoot - RB Pro
T1 B202 2-0 Pass-Deke-Shoot - RB Pro
T1-B6 - Agility and Quickness-Shot - RB Pro
T1 - B2 - Pass Out-Spin and One Timer - Pro
T1 - B2 - Pass Out One Timer - Follow Thru on One Knee - Pro
T1 - B2 - D Knock Down High Pass-Shoot - Pro
T1 - B2 - D Agility Skate with Point Shot - Pro
T1 - B2 - Agility Skate and One Touch Pass - Pro
T1 - B300 - Walk-out and High Cycle Shots - Pro
T1 - B7 - Face-off Technique - Pro
T1 - B5 - D Breakout Options x 3 - Pro
T1 - B5 - D Side to Side Point Shots - Pro
T1 - B5 - D One Touch Lateral Passing-Point Shot - Pro
T1 - B5 - D Fake-Pivot-Pass x 5 - Pro
T1 - B5 - F Take Rim-Fakes and Shoot - Pro
T1 - B5 -One Touch Pass-Shot-Shot from Pass Out - Pro
T1 - B6 - One Timer-Shot Pass - Pro
T1 - B6 - Shot Pass from Corner and Tip in Front - Pro
T1 B300 Pass x 3 Tight Turn Shoot - Pro
T1 - B6 - Take Rim - Shot Pass - Pro
T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro
T1-2-3 - C2 - 2-1 Technique - RB Pro
T1-2-3-4 - C2 2-2 Technique - RB Pro
T2 - B202 - Agility Skate Pass - Pro

T2 – Teaching Team Offense

T2 - B4 Chip Puck in On Stretch Pass - Pro
T2-B4 - Stretch BO 2-0, D Screen Shot - Pro
T2 - C6 Breakout - 3-1 - Pro
T2 - C2 3-2 BO vs Pinch 3-1 - Pro
T2 - C5 - Stretch BO-RG-5-2 - Pro
T2 Kingston PP Rotation - U18F
T2 - Touch Back to C on Pinch 3-1 - Pro
T2 - 3-0, 3-2, RG 3-2 - Middle Drive - Pro
T2 - RG-5-0 Middle Drive-High Cycle F-D-D-F - Pro
T2 - 5-5 - BO-5-0 Rush-Low Cycle x 2 - Pro
T2 - RG 5-0 x 3 Pass to Each Lane - Pro
T2 - 2-1-2 Spread PP - Pro
T2 RG 4-0 D Join Rush - 3 on 2 - Pro
T2 High Slot Rotation Options - Pro
T2 - F-D-D High Cycle - Shot Pass - Pro
T2 - B5 - Static then Moving One Timer - Pro
T2 - B5 - 5-5 BO -5-0 Shot-High Cycle F-D1-F-D2 Back Door - Pro
T2 - B5 - 2-0 X and Drop-Shoot-Low Cycle - Pro
T2 - B6 - 2-0-Gain Zone-X and Drop - Pro
T2 - B6 - 2-0 Skate to Big Ice-X and Drop-Shoot - Pro
T2 - B6 - Pass to F-Shoot-Screen-Point Shot - Pro
T2 - B600 - RG-D-F-Stretching F - Pro
T2 - C2 Breakout 5-3 Attack 5-2 – Pro W
T2-C3 5-2 RG x 2 Attack 5-2 - Pro
T2 - C5 - 4-0 Breakout-Regroup 2-1 - Pro
T2 - D100 PP 5-4 - RB Pro
T1-2 - B500 - D Agility PH-Point Shot-Screen - Pro
T1-2 - B5 - Rim-Low 2-0 BO-Tap Back to C - Pro
T1-2 - B5 - 2D-2F BO - 3-1 vs Coach - Pro
T1-2 - B5 - 1D-2F BO - 3-1 vs Coach - Pro
T1-2 C6 Breakout - 3-1 - Prospect

T2-4 - Teaching Team Play – Offense vs. Defense

T2-4 - D100 - 3 Team PP-PK Scrimmage - U18F
T2-4 - D100 - Controlled Scrimmage - Pro
T2-4 Start Behind Net 3-3 then 3-5 - Pro
T2-4 D100 PP and PK - Pro
T2-4 - B5 - 5-5 BO-Cycle-Pass to Middle D - Pro
T2-4 D100 5-5 FC, BO 5-0, Cycle Back Door x 2 - Pro
T2 D100 RG 5-3, 5-0 High Cycle x 2 - Pro
T2-4 D100 FO, PP-PK - Pro
T2-4 – D100 Stretch Breakout – Pro
T2-4 D4 PP-PK - RB Pro
T2-4 - D400 - 3-3 Puck Behind Net to 3-5 or 5-3 - Pro
T2-4 - D400 - PP-PK Pressure Point - Pro
T2 - DT100 - 5-1 with BC to 5-2 - RB Pro
T2-4 D400 FO, PP-PK - Pro
T2-4 - C3 BO PP PK 5-4 - RB Pro
T2-4 Controlled Scrimmage 5-5 - RB Pro
T2-4 - PP 5-3 Diamond vs. PK - Pro
T2-4 - 3 on 3 Start Behind Net - Pro
T2-4 - D-D-W BO - 3F Backcheck 5-3 - Pro

T3 – Teaching Individual Defensive Technique

T3 - Nzone Angling - Pro
T3 - Stick on Stick - Pro
T3 - F Angle Along Boards - Stick on Stick - Pro
T3 - C1 Defensive Slide
T3 - Cover Point - Down - Detroit
T3 - B5 Defensive Slide on 2-1 – Pro
T3 - B6 - Hip to hip Angling x 4 - Pro
T3 - C6 - 1-1 from Corner - 1-1 from High Slot - Pro
T3 - B6 Defending Player Below Goal Line - Pro
T1-3 -B6 - Stick on Puck and Shot Pass - Pro
T4 - Teaching Team Defense
T4 - D400 Aggressive 4-5 PK - RB Pro
T4 - FO and Nzone Forecheck - Pro
T4 Kingston PP Rotation D 5 on 3 - U18F
T4 - 5-5 Backcheck After a D to D to W - Pro
T4 - B5 - 5-0 BO Options x 3 - Attack-Point Shots x 2 - Pro

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C600 - 2-1 x 2 – Pro

Key Points:

Offense should attack with speed and force the D to make a decision by making the first play near the blue line. This allows for a second play. D should delay the attack as much as possible and defend the most dangerous player allowing a bad angle shot, deny shots from the middle and puck crossing the mid-line.


1.F's line up at diagonal blue lines and D's at opposite diagonal blue lines.
2. D1 pass up the boards to F1.
3. F1 skate to the middle and pass to F2 who crosses behind as D1 closes the gap.
4. F1-F2 attack 2-1 vs. D1.
5. Coach mirror the play from the high slot. (A player could also do this)
6. D2 pass to F3 and F4 skate back and cross to attack D2 the other way.
7. Finish the attack with a goal, frozen puck or D pass to the coach.
8. Players watch to see which attack is finished and start the 2-1 in that direction.

* D and goalie make it a 2 on 2 and allow the goalie to be square to the puck.

* After a shot the D takes the stick of the player at the far post and goalie play the rebound.

* Attacker should pass on the forehand if he is on the off wing or shoot is the D lets you walk in.

* This is a great drill and it could be random with 1-2 or 3 F attacking and 1 or 2 defending. The players would have to read the play and communicate.



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I was just at a seminar in Vancouver with lots of pro coaches giving great talks about how their teams play various situations. Section thirteen has many ideas on how to practice these situations on the ice, so I decided a table of contents divided by topics is a good way for coaches to access the drills and 10 best lists. If coaches like this then I will take the time to do it for the other drill sections and make it a thread.
Drill Section Thirteen - Table of Contents

This is a table of contents for Drill Section Thirteen. There are a lot of pro drills and pro team play drills, 10+ best lists as well as drills I used this past season with my U15 boy’s team along with Wally Kozak who has coached with Dave King on the National Team and works with their women’s program. Where the link says forum in it then it takes you to the forum posting with the description, diagram and video link. Mediagallery takes you to the video link only.

A – Skating and Individual Skills

A - PH - Build a Wall - Cut In – Sw



A - Triple Threat Position – Cut to the Forehand – Sw



A - Puck Handling Technique - Grip and Side to Side



A4 - Skating Skills 4 Lanes – Pro



A400 - Puck Handling Skills 4 Lanes – Pro



Puck Handling Skills - Sweden, Russia, Finland


B – Partner or Team Drills vs. Zero Opponents

B - Individual Skills Post Practice 1 – Detroit



B - Individual Skills Post Practice 2 – Detroit



Becoming a 360 Degree Player


B500 Angling and Escapes



B2 - 2 on 1 Pass in Front of Toes – Pro



B2 - Static Fakes - Give-Go-Give-Shoot – Pro



B2 - Defense One Timer Shots x 4 – Sw



B4 1-0 Outside-Middle Shots - Czech U17 and Two Pro




B4-B6 Breakout 3-0, Point Shot – Pro



B5 - Angling Along the Boards – Sw



B6 – Wide and Middle x 2 – Pro



B6 Breakout 3-0 Point Shot x 2 – Pro



B5 - Breakout x 2 Regroup - 3 Shots - Pro



B6 - 2-0 Wide Passes – Pro



B6 Regroup-Breakout-2-0 x 2 – Pro



B6 - Shot x 3 Passes x 3 Shots x 3 – Pro



B6 1-0 Pass to Middle x 2- Pro



A couple of Coach Development Videos


B6 1-0 x 2 – Pro



B6-600 Flow - Breakout 2 F Shoot - D Point Shot – Finland U20



B6 - 1 High 1 x 2 Low Shooting – Pro


Skating Forward only.


Same drill with agility skating added.


B6 Breakout x 2 Point Shot – Pro



B6 Shooting from 3 Lanes - Pro



B6 3-0 Rush and Entry – Pro



B8 - Regroup x 3 and 5 Shots - U18



B200 - Regroup 5-0 Middle Drive – Detroit



B202 Low-Wide-Middle to Low-Middle-Wide - Pro



B202 1-0, 2-0 With Chip – Pro



B202 – Shoot –Breakout - Pass Wide - Shoot x 2 – Pro



This is the same drill but it starts with a coach pass to the shooter.


B202 Warm-up - Finland Pro



B500 - Datsyuk Group Puck Protection



A - Datsyuk - Stickhandling and Scoring


B500 Angling and Escapes



B600 Up-Back-Cross Pass x - Pro



B600 Cross Pass x 2 - Pro



B600 Regroup-Wall support-Shoot x 2



B600 Give Go Shoot x 2 – Pro



B600 Give and Go x 3 x 2 - Shoot – Pro



B600 2-0 Random Pass to Lines – Pro



B600 Pass-Across-Across-Stretch x 2 – Shoot



B600 Regroup x 2 x 2 – Pro



B600 - Regroup with D 2-0 x 2 – Detroit



C – Game Situation Drills

C1 Angling in the Wide Lane - Pro



C2 5-0 BO, RG x 2, 5-2 - U15 Boy's



C3 - Continuous 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 - Pro



C3-C6 2-1 D Join Rush – Pro



C3-C6 Point Shot 2-2 – Pro



C3 Breakout-Regroup 1-1 to 3-2 Pro



C3 2-1 Flow – Prospects



C3 2-1 Continuous – Prospects



C3 Continuous 3-2 Pro W



C3 - Dump-Breakout 3-0-Regroup-2-1 - Continuous – Pro



C3 - Dump-Breakout 3-0-Regroup-2-1 - Continuous – Pro



C3 - Dump-Breakout 5-0-Regroup-3-2 - Continuous – Pro



C5 Dump-in 3-2 – Pro



C5 Dump-in 1-1 - Shot - U22 W



C6 - 2-1 from Corner 1-1 from Point – Pro



C6 1-1 x 3 Point Shot – Pro



C6 - Low Breakout - Regroup - 2-1 – Detroit



C6 1-1 to 2-2 - D Join F Backcheck – Multiple Examples



C6 Regroup x 2, 1-1 and 2-1 – Pro



C6 Breakout – 4 on 1 with 2F + 2D – Pro



C300 - 1 on 1 Battle in Front – Sw



C6-600 Breakout 2F and 1D Rush 3-1 – Pro



C600 - 2 on 2 x 2 – Pro



C600 - 4-0 Regroup - 3-0 - 3-2 x 2 – Pro



D – Games to Teach the Game:

D1 Three Line Continuous Game – U15 Boy’s



D2-D200 Five Cross-ice Games at Once



D4 One Zone Game - Slovakia U20



D4 Two Active Jokers Behind the Net


D4 Two Pass – U15 Boy’s



D200 2-2 Tight Area Game - Pro



D200 – Pass to Jokers at Each End – U17 Austria



D202 Neutral Zone Keep-away With Jokers U-15 Boy's



DT – Transition Games

DT4 Jokers at the Point Must Shoot



DT100 Continuous 2-1, 2-2 Detroit - Pro



DT100 Continuous 2 on 2 – Passive Support - Pro


IIHF Seminar


Pro Prospects


DT400 2-2 Regroup and RG x 2 Passive Support - U15 Boy’s



DT400 Battle in Front 1-1, 2-2


DT400 Two Net Game – Regroup with Jokers - U15



DT400 Quick Transition Game - U15



DT500 Nets Back to Back - One Goalie U15



E – Shoot-outs and Contests

E1 3-0 and 3-1 One Touch-One Timer



This is a video link about how goals are scored today using NHL examples.


E1–D4 One Touch 4 on 2 – U15



F – Fitness, Agility and Quickness Skating

F202 – Skating for Quickness and Agility - Pro



F – Full Length Ladder Skate and Test - Pro



T - Team Play - T2 - Offensive T4 - Defensive

T2 - Breakout vs. One Forechecker – 5-0 Attack Options – Pro



T2 - Three Forecheck-Breakout 5-0 – Attack - Cycle-Back Door Pass x 2 – Pro



T2-C2 - Nzone Forecheck - Turnover to D and F - Attack 5-2 – Detroit



T2 - Nzone Turnover-Breakout-Attack, Cycle-Point Shot x 2 - Pro



T2 Spread Power Play 2 Below Goal Line


T2 - Three Forecheck-Breakout 5-0 – Attack - Cycle-Back Door Pass x 2 – Pro



T2 Defensive Zone Face-off - Breakout 5-2 Attack - Regroup 5-2 Attack - Pro



T2 – Defensive Zone Face-off Breakout – Attack 5-2 – Regroup 5-2



T2-4, 3-0, 3-2, NZ Regroup, 5-2, 3-0 Forecheck - Pro



T2-4 Teaching Defensive Zone Coverage 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-5 - Pro



T3-4 King/Kozak Defensive Zone



T4 Defensive Zone Coverage 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-5 - Pro



T4-2 5-5 Low Breakout 5-2 – Detroit



Coaching Ideas – Team Building, Scoring, Lists, Links

Canucks team building



Games to Teach the Game. – Video promoting using games in practice.



Great Pro Team Practice


Old Time Hockey



Cross Ice Game Research Results




List of 10+ Lists of Practice Ideas


Dropbox Link to Advanced Level Practice Ideas



Hockey Fundamentals - Videos





25 Game Suggestions for the Adversity Cup


Game Transitions - Offense-Defense-Loose Puck



Breakout Instruction

Breakout Instruction

B T1-2 Breakout D to D 3-0 - TJ


B T1-2 D to D and Up - 2-0 - TJ


B T1-2 Tight Turn-Quick up 2-0 -TJ


B - T1-2 Breakouts vs. Checker - TJ


B T1-2 Breakout D to D 3-0 – TJ


B T1-2 D to D and Up - 2-0 - TJ


B T1-2 Tight Turn-Quick up 2-0 –TJ


B - T1-2 Breakouts vs. Checker - TJ


B - T1-2 - Breakout Options 1 on 1 with a NHL Defenseman


Individual Offensive Skills

T1 One Timer Practice Pro W


Team Offensive Skills

T1-2 Regroup Drills


T1-2 Transition Drills


Team Defense

T4 1-3-1 Torpedo


In the pdf. below the are live links that take you to the posting.

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Hockey Associations or Sports Clubs Donate and Receive a Hockey Coaching 32 GB USB Drive

This offer is directed at hockey associations or clubs. You could post the pdf.s and videos on a website that the coaches could access to help them plan practice. It represents at least two thousand hours of time that I spent preparing the material. The association can add their own drills, games and team play ideas.

I am offering to send coaches a 32 GB USB Drive with the diagrams, pdf's of drills, and video of 1500 drills and games for $500 Canadian ($400 USA or 350 Euros).

If you want me to send you a drive use the donation icon at the top right of the site and send a donation via Paypal. (You have to set up a Paypal account)

All the material is on this site but the drive makes it very easy to access the drills and games. You can also make practice plans by copy and pasting the descriptions and diagrams from the pdf.s onto the TCWhiteboard Template. I will attach an example below.

Another method is online banking and send to tommolloy@hotmail.com with the information on where to send the USB.

On the USB are folders with these titles.

ABC Drill and Game PDF's (about 1000 with diagrams, description and video links)

ABC of International Hockey Book 1

ABC Video (1500 Clips)

Drill of the Week

Hockey Diagrams

I have reorganized all the pdf. and video files into these sub-folders.

A - Skating and Ind. Skills

B - Partner and Team Skills 1-0 to 5-0

C - Game Situation Drills 1-1 to 5-5

D - Games Full Ice and SAG

DT - Transition Games

F - Fitness Skating

G - Goaltending

O - Off-ice Fitness and Skills

T - Coaching Technique

T1-2 - Offensive Skill

T2 - Team Offense

T2-4 - Team Offense and Defense

T3 - Individual Defensive Skills

T4 - Team Defensive Skills

The beauty of it is that you can bring up anything you want by typing in the search on your file manager. i.e. Pro - you get all drills by pro teams in that folder or if you type it at the drive title i.e. F drive you get all the files showing pro teams. If you want just female material type U18 F, or the CW F, If you want Jr. drills U20. There are about 1500 drills and games so if you don't like 1400 of them you still have 100 new ideas for next season.

Great way to add to your own coaching data base and as I post new material you can copy the files into the appropriate folder.

If you order before the end of the summer I will include a lot of coaching material that is not on the site!!!!

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B6 - BO Options - F Shot-D Shot – Pro

1. D1 Skate up and back in the circle and pick up the puck.
2. F1 come into the zone for a breakout pass.
3. D1 tight turn and make a quick up pass.
4. F1 and D1 skate into the neutral zone.
5. F1 shoot.
6. D1 get a pass from the corner and shoot - F1 screen.
7. D1 now wheels behind the net and pass to F1.
8. F1 can start from the same side and take the pass on the boards.
9. F1 can start from the wide side and take the pass in the middle lane.
10. D1 could also breakout with a counter.
11. Add F1-F2 support for a 3-0 breakout.
12. D1 shoot, F1 screen F2 should be in shot pass or one timer position.
13. D2 and F3 can be added to this drill to practice 4-0 or 5-0.
14. This can also be a game situation drill by the F attacking the D 1-1, 2-1, etc..


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B6 - 3 Lane Shots - Long Pass Back – Pro

1. Players are in the 4 corners with pucks.
2. Three players leave from diagonal corners and cross the red line.
3. One player shoot from each lane.
4. Swing up the boards and get a cross-ice pass from the far corner.
5. Fill the 3 lanes and shoot at the other end.


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C3 - Double RG - 2-1 - Pro

Key Points:

Quick feet, face the puck with a target, support on wall and in middle, attack with speed. Defender cut the ice in half and deny the weak side.


1. Blue F1 leave and pass to F2.
2. Cross and regroup with grey D1 and D2
3. Grey D1 hinge and Pass to D2.
4. Grey D2 pass to Blue F1 or F2.
5. Blue F's regroup with Blue D1 or D2.
6. Blue D's hinge and pass to Blue F.
7. Blue F's attack the far net vs either zero, one or two D.

*Options: vary the amount of F up to 3 or D up to 2. Add a dump in instead of a second regroup to work on breakouts or even a forecheck.


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C3-C6 - BO - 2-1 – Pro

Key Points:
Attack with speed and make the first play early. Defender delay the play as long as possible and keep the play to one side.


1. D1 Skate up and back in the circle and pick up the puck.
2. F1-F2 come into the zone for a breakout pass.
3. F1-F2 skate out over the blue line.
4. F1-F2 attack 2-1 vs. D1.


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D100 - 5-5 – Pro

1. Scrimmage with face-offs.
2. Extra players on the bench and change on their own.
3. Play to a certain score, i.e. first to 5 goals and have a series.


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T1 - B5 - F Take Rim-1-0, 2-0 Low BO - Fakes and Shot Pro

Key Points:

Take the rim with the stick while skating. Do tight turns without crossing the hands, come out of the forehand tight turn in the triple threat position. ‘Fast feet are happy feet.’ F2 support from the middle lower than F1.


A 1-0: Coach on each side with pucks and players in two lines at the blue line.

1. Coach rim the puck while F1 swings low to pick it up on the boards.
2. F1 skate a tight figure eight at the top of the slot then skate in and shoot.
3. F1 follow the shot for a rebound.
4. F1 should circle back and rebound for the next shooter.
5. Coach 2 rim from the other side and F2 repeat the sequence.

U20 Example

B 2-0 Low Breakout:

1. Coach one rim the puck.
2. F1swing to the boards and pick up the puck.
3. F2 swing below F1 in the middle for a touch back pass.
4. F1-F2 cross before the blue line and attack 2-0 with a max on one pass.

* This low touch back is effective for breaking out versus a pinching defenseman. It is important F1 protect the puck by boxing out the pinching D and touch the puck back to F2.


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DT100 - Continuous 3-2-Passive Support - Czech U20

Key Points:

This is a one puck game with no whistles. Coaches can talk to players as they return to the lineup.


1. Extra layers line up along the boards on each side.
2. Start with a 3 on 2 rush.
3. Defense gets passive support from 3 F and F from 2 D who wait above the top of the circles.
4. On a stoppage in play or turnover the defenders pass up to the new forwards.
5. New forwards attack 3-2 attack goes the other way.
6. Repeat the flow with three new F and two new D give passive support.
7. Continue this flow.
8. Keep score and play for a set time or to a set score.

*Options are:
a. F1 support low to make it a low 3-3.
b. All of the players join the play and make it a 5-5 and the new players attack 3-2 the other way.
c. Dump-in to work on the forecheck and breakout or D Follow and add a regroup.


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T2 - RG 5-2 x 2 - Russian U20

Key Points:

Dump-in to work on the forecheck or carry the puck in to practice various attack options. Bring up the D as the 4th attacker, cycle low, cycle high, work back door plays.


1. Start with a regroup in the Nzone and attack 5-2.
2. Play 5-2 in the zone until a stoppage, clear or whistle.
3. Coach spot a puck in the neutral zone and do a second regroup 5-2 attack.
4. Three new F and two defenders wait in the neutal zone after the second rush.
5. Original defenders join the three forwards and repeat the 5-2.
*Lloyd Percival called 5-2 the magic drill. The offense can work on the forecheck by dumping the puck in, the middle drive by attacking wide or focus on any offensive concept.


'The Game is the Greatest Coach'
'Enjoy the Game'
Registered: 06/25/08
Posts: 3013
Location: Calgary, Canada
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